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NAIL SALON SAN CLEMENTE - 111 W. Avenida Palizada, Sutie, San Clemente, CA 92762 - Call (949) 361-1222
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San Clemente

At the Old City Plaza
Old Town San Clemente
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Nail Salons San Clemente
At the Old City Plaza

111 W. Avenida Palizada, Suite
San Clemente, CA 92762

Located in Old City Plaza

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to Vspa Nail Salon San Clemente

GET THE the Quality and Care Experience of a V Spa Nail Salon, WOW!

The Vspa Nail Salon San Clemente provides outstanding clean, safe nail experience. We do beautiful nails for your beautiful hand and foot. Many of our customers come from San Clemente as well as Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano and other Orange County Areas.

We talk diligently with you about your needs, designs or treatments you would like. A very popular is the foot massage and pedicure. It is our goal to make the exerience a cozy, personal, with individual attention to detail. We understand that the WOW from fantastic nails can make all the difference in the world. It is our goal to give your nails something you really love.

Can you believe it! We also do Manicure and Pedicure parties at the San Clemente Events Center or Your Home. Our well trained staff comes in and provides manicures and pedicures from the youngist to oldest. This is one of the favorite most sought after parties for girls at the San Clemente Event Center. While some of girls wait for their nails to get done the others sing on stage to their favorite songs. The quote of the day was "This was the best Birthday Party I had ever been to!"
Book Your Nail Party Today!

For a more elegant look get Custom Designer Nails as in the picture above.

We surpass the competition in Nail Enhancements with handcrafted acrylics in natural pink, and "French Manicure" pink & white. Just need a Fill? No problem. We can also add a coat of Clear Gel Polish to any enhancements.

The Look 1-2-3 approach is simple:

1) Get to know the incredible You and assist with a big smile in making oustanding and beautiful nail descisions that fit within your budget.

2) Next, create nails that flatter and the feel of being wonderfully pampered. We bring to life nails that compliment the beauty inside through our beauty skills while if you choose relax with a specialty massage.

3) Finally, bring out the the beauty of You! Show how incredible my clients are and wait for the nails to dry in a safe environment and then it off to show the world.

We also educate our clients in the tools and techniques so they can maintain their nails between visits.

Please give us a call: (949) 361-1222

REVIEWS & Testimonials:
What People are Saying About US ...


"I have never had nails like this, so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Wow this nails salon is one of the best on the planet! - Ashley, San Clemente


"I have never thought I could have a nail party for my girls. It was the biggest hit ever. To be able to talk, sing and get designer nails as a birthday party! I have never seen my kids so happy. It will be a moment they will never forget - Celeste, Aliso Viejo



Would You Love Smooth, Shiny and Beautiful Designer Nails?

The perfect way to combine a relaxing pampering experience with a healthy treat is a manicure and pedicure service. Taking care of your hands and feet is essential to overall well being. Whether you do it yourself or spend time with your favorite nail technician, your feet and hands will benefit from having the spotlight. Manicure and pedicure services are not just for women; men benefit from this service as well. Manicures and pedicures should be done regularly for good foot and nail health.

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Please give us a call: (949) 361-1222


Looking for that Incredible Looking Nails?

Nothing makes you feel wonderful as a professional manicure. Many women, cannot achieve the perfect nails they have always admired. Silk wraps and gel overlays offer popular alternatives to give you beautiful, natural looking nails.

Gel wraps use a polymer and monomer gels combine to give you strong, glossy nails. Once the application is complete, the overlays are dried using UV light. If you want longer nails, tips are applied and trimmed to the length you want before the gel overlay process begins. Some nail salons now offer an activator or a process that dries the gel simply by dipping your fingers into water.

Silk wraps use pieces of silk are cut to the exact shape of your nails and applied using a thin coating of glue. Resin (thicker glue) follows, giving your natural nails additional strength. An activator is brushed or sprayed onto your nails to dry the resin. Once shaping is complete, your nail technician will apply the nail polish color of your choice or complete a French manicure.

Fiberglass, linen and silk nail wraps are used protect fingernails from breakage. It is important to select the kind of nail wrap that suits your lifestyle so that you can reap the maximum benefits. Silk is the most common of the materials used for nail wraps.

Silk wraps give the nails increased strength and durability. They are preferred over other wraps because of their flexibility and natural look. They are also gentler on the nails than acrylic.

Although silk wraps are typically used as an overlay on natural nails. Silk wraps can be used to mend nails that have been damaged.

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Please give us a call: (949) 361-1222


What A Beautiful Thing...

Enhancing your fingernails is one of many popular beauty treatments. If you haven't been blessed with nails that are naturally long and strong, or you just like the look of salon-quality nails, there are many ways to change or enhance the look of your nails. It's important to remember that any time you alter or add something to the surface of your nails, you risk damaging them. The best solutions for those eager to enhance your nails is to do so while paying special attention to your nails' overall health.

Acrylic Nails are the most common enhancement. Acrylic nails are strong, they won't chip and you can choose them in a variety of colors and styles. Acrylic nails are made by gluing a tip onto your natural nails. When you have acrylic nails, you'll have to get them filled in every two weeks or so, as your natural nails grows underneath them.

Nail Decals are a fun way to easily enhance your nails is by applying nail decals. These are essentially stickers that you put on your nails. They're usually applied over nail polish. After placing the decals on your nails, a top coat of clear polish is applied.

Gel Nails are the natural looking nail enhancement. They are actually a form of acrylic as well, but in a gel form that is cured under ultraviolet lights. They are an optimal choice for nail enhancement simply because they are less damaging to your nails than other options. They are softer which means they may be damaged more easily.

Soak-Off Gell Lacquer is another method of nail enhancement. One benefit of the soak-off gel lacquers is that you're able to layer any nail polish on top of it at any time. Gel nails must be applied in a salon and last up to two weeks.

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Please give us a call: (949) 361-1222



"An honest answer is the sign of true friendship."

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111 W. Avenida Palizada, Suite
San Clemente, CA 92762

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